Drapery Cleaning

We clean multiple types of drapes including:

- Drapes, window scarves and valances.
- Pleats, French pleats, tiebacks, sheer and lace.
- Silk, chenille, velvet, floral and earth tones.
- All cleanable fabrics.

All drapes can be cleaned in place in the home or brought back to our facility.

In-House Cleaning Procedure
1. Prepare the area and protect the surrounding floor and furnishings.

2. Pre-vacuum the front and back of the drapes, top to bottom, to remove dust and soil.

3. Spray drapes with a specialized dry cleaning solution.

4. Machine extract ground-in soil, pollen, allergens and smoke, leaving drapes clean and fresh smelling while keeping your privacy.
Facility Cleaning Procedure
1. Carefully take down the drapes, protecting them and bringing them back to our facility.

2. Dry clean the drapes removing the ground-in soil, allergens, and smoke.

3. Press the drapes and ensure even hems and parallel pleats.

4. Bring back the drapes, re-hang them and make sure they operate properly.

5. Delivery time will be between 3 and 5 days.

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