Fabric Protection

Our fabric protection is specially formulated to possess the ability to provide maximum fabric protection against both water and oil-based soils. It leaves fabric soft — the exclusive blend of fluorochemical resins and solvents will not cause resoiling, plus it dries completely without changing the “hand” or feel of the fabric.

Keep Your Furniture Safe

An application of fabric protection to upholstery or draperies makes spot and stain removal quick, easy and effective. Immediately after drying, it provides water- based protection and after an additional 8-12 hour for curing, it provides oil-based stain protection. Fabric protection protects virtually all new or freshly cleaned fabrics (both wet and dry) including rayon, rayon acetate, brocades, cotton, velour, silk, suede, micro fiber and chenille. There is no need to wait until freshly cleaned fabric has dried before applying.
The advantage of having upholstery treated with a fabric protection is immense. When a substance is spilled onto a fabric, it absorbs into it. This allows a full impact with the substance to both the dyes and the fiber itself. Quite often substances spilled are either acidic such as coffee, tea, wine, tonic or fruit juices and all having color, they are capable of altering the dye structure of the existing dye or re dying the fiber totally. Once this happens, you have a permanent stain, forever. When clients ask us how to remove stains like these, it’s not very promising.

When you have your upholstery treated with a fabric protector many of these issues become non issues. First, most often a fresh spill will sit on top of the fabric and is easily blotted off. Again, it never penetrates into the fiber so has no effect on either the fibers or dyes. Second, if left alone, it will over time possibly penetrate into the fibers but the impact will be greatly reduced and the possibility of removing the stains greatly increased.

So whether we are talking about removing a red wine stain or any other stain, I can’t stress the importance of having any new piece of furniture treated when it is first delivered to your home.

Upon treating any of your upholstery, we will go over with you in detail, what to do in an emergency and what not to do. We will show you the proper procedures and teach you facts from fiction.

Remember not all fabric treatments are alike, and not every fabric is the same. So don’t trust your new upholstery to be treated at a furniture store, where someone in the warehouse will apply a treatment that he knows little about or has no idea if that fabric is safe to apply a solvent based or water based protector on it.

As an independent business with over 30 years in cleaning and applying protectors to carpets and upholstery we are very knowledgeable in this area. We are always researching new products, testing them at our plant and comparing their abilities to perform superior to anything else we know of. All we care about is providing our clients with the best products and the best service we possibility can. This is our business, this is our passion.

We would be more than happy to explain or answer any questions you have. Your furniture is a major investment and it should get the best protection available. We guarantee you will not find a better fabric protection treatment anywhere.

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